Lulled by the rhythms of the Pacific coast and the Andean melodies, Helena RECALDE bassist, double bassist and Ecuadorian singer composes and writes a music loaded with emotion, her experience and stories from her home country.  She surrounds herself with eclectic and talented musicians to colour her compositions of jazz and improvisation.

Her “Mójate” disc gives us a mixed music; from jazz with Afro-latin rhythms to take us on a trip to the top of the Andes.

Her texts evoke the valleys of the Cordillera, the mother who cares, the nostalgia of childhood, the joy of simple things, all of which played on Latin American melodies with the energy that characterizes this musician who leads her band through her groovy bass lines.

Helena Recalde

Her musical openness, her talent and her taste for improvisation allow her to sail through eclectic universes; Afro, Latin, jazz, Gypsy, folk, pop, Oriental music or contemporary music.  Helena Recalde also collaborates in various projects and with major artists in France and abroad.